Meassage by Director:
""Scietific innovations in the field of medical sciences has made many impossible things possible. Ayurveda, the most trusted ancient branch of medical science is now gaining recognition globally.""

This proprietary ayurvedic formula is the most natural blood purifier. It is highly useful in chronic disorders such as purity, scabies, dermatitis boils, skin eruptions, pimples, blood impurities and nutritional disorders.

Acnil the nutural blood purifier attacks the rout course of the  evacuating and purging the morbid and visual matter accumulated in the system.


Important direction:-During the course of treatment with ACNIL. the use of starchy diet & fats should be avoided. Milk, acidic & subacidic fruits should        the major portion of diet.

Ingredients:-A proprietary blend of Ushav, manjith, mundi, anantmool, neem, giloe, trifla, unab,gajban,chirayta,tulsi, chandan.

formula:- Acnil capsule is blend of gandhak,manjith, trifla, anantmool, chandansafed, giloe and neem.

Dosage:-  syrup:- 2 teaspoonful twice a day with equal count of water.
                 capsule:- 1 capsule twice a day.

Presentation:- Syrup:- pet bottles of 100 ml and 200 ml.
                         capsule:- pack of 100 capsules.



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