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""Scietific innovations in the field of medical sciences has made many impossible things possible. Ayurveda, the most trusted ancient branch of medical science is now gaining recognition globally.""

B2 Gel has been formulated to improve the firmness of the breast and clearage. It is all natural formulation, drsigned to give you larger, firmer breasts by stimulating new cells growth in the mammary glands. It promotes the firmness and elasticity essential to for delicate breast tissue. It is also effective for aging, winkles, shagging, after pregnancy effects and shrinking breasts. B2 Gel makes breast to  regain its original shape and size by uplifting them. It makes the breast more attractive.

Presentation:- pack of 100 gm.

B2 (Big bounce) capsules:- Nutritional support for breast care

B2 capsule is a herbal dietary support for women's body. It helps to speed up the process of enhancing the breast and has the ability to maintain the increasing breast size.

Breast Message:-

  • Dip a towel in       warm water, squeeze it dry and press it against the breasts as shown in the picture.
  • Take B2 (Big bounce) Gel into both your hands as per requirement. Message the breasts in large circular motion using lifting and gentle pressing movements.
  • massage both sides of the breasts from bottom to top.
  • Massage upper parts of the breast in circular motion . Don't put too much tension on the breast.

Message B2 gel for 5-10 min. After massaging is over,    B2 Gel be on your breast parts for minimum one hour or more, if you wish so. use regularly for 2-3 months for good results to make the breast fully enlarged, firmed and in shape.

B2 capsule dosage:- 1 capsule twice a day as a nutritional support for breast development for 2-3 months. there is no side effect of B2 capsules.

B2 (Big bounce) breast oil:- Breast message and breast enlarging oil

B2 Breast oil is blend of pure herbs to make your breast firmer, tighter, enlarged and more curved in appearance to make your bust more attractive. B2 breast oil gives full shape to breasts which enhance body of women.

Message at least 5-10 min on both breasts from bottom to top in circular motion. massage twice a day regularly for 2-3 months.

for better results take B2 capsule twice a day for 2-3 months as nutritional support to restore original breast in full size and to beautifully the bust line.


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