Meassage by Director:
""Scietific innovations in the field of medical sciences has made many impossible things possible. Ayurveda, the most trusted ancient branch of medical science is now gaining recognition globally.""

Digevate tones up digestive activity by improving digestive juice secretion. Releives gastric distress and nausea, helps in digestion after heavy irregular rich meal. It prevents constipation, removes congestion and as a preventive mesure against hyperacidity.

Digevate is an ideal combination of appetizers, digestives, hepato-   pancreatic stimulants, carminatives, anti-flulents, bowl regulators.

Digevate inparts complate recovery by gastro intestinal treat and not by stimulating a few enzymes. Digevata tablet is combination of chitrakmool, pipplamool, kala namak, trikuta, lahsan, suadh gandhak, nausahadar, shantokh bhasam.

formula:-This powerful formula is a combination of pudina, sonth, harar, amla, ajwain, chitrak, jeera, nagarmotha, vidang, saunf, pipli, navsar, sendha namak, pipplamool, kapoor, loh bhasm, pippermint.

Dosage:- Syrup:- 1-2 teaspoonful thrice day.
                Tablets:- 2 tablets thrice a day.

Presentation:-Syrup:- pet bottles of 100 ml and 200 ml.
                        Tablets:- pack of 100 tablets.



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