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""Scietific innovations in the field of medical sciences has made many impossible things possible. Ayurveda, the most trusted ancient branch of medical science is now gaining recognition globally.""

UNILIV is a valuable daily health supplement It protects the livar against viral, alchohal, toxic and drug induced hepatitis. UNILIV ensures healthy appetite. It promote weight gain in the under weight. An effective safe herbal supplement for the treatment of liver disordered.

Benefits of UNILIV:-

  • UNILIV repairs, regenerates and protects the liver cells. As a hepato protective, UNILIV improves the structure and function of the live. It increase towpherols, reduce lipid peroxides and protects the liver.
  • UNILIV protects against the acute deleterious effect of alcohol on liver function by reducing the level of acetaldehyole in the blood after alcohol ingestion. UNILIV reduces the incidence of hangover. In alcoholic and social drinkers the daily of UNILIV ensures protection against hepatic damage.
  • UNILIV improves appetite regularizes the appetite satiety rhythm and corrects this basic defect, rather than stimulating the appetite center or suppressing the satiety centre unlike cypro heptadine medicine.
  • UNILIV normalizes the liver histology with its powerful herbal formula and ensures dramatic recovery. IT lowers the levels of serum bilirubin much earlier than treated with antibiotics and steroids. UNILIV accelerates the recovery incases of infective hepatitis.
  • UNILIV is a true companion during pregnancy. It is safe and restores normal liver function in pregnancy jaundice.
  • UNILIV is of prophylactic, protective and preventive value in toxemias of pregnancy.
  • An ideal choice in anorexia, UNILIV regularizes the appetite satiety rhythm.
  • It normalizes peristalsis and bowel movements.
  • UNILIV improves digestions, absorption and assimilation.
  • It arrests possible hepatic stress.
  • UNILIV is a superior anabolic agent that brings about excellent weight gain and height gain in children suffering from protein calorie malnutrition. It can be gives in place of hormones which can be harmful due to their side effect.
  • UNILIV augments the benefits of conventional anti amoebic drugs and is beneficial as an adjuvant in the treatment of hepatic amoebiasis.
  • UNILIV promotes better nutrition balance in the children who are generally affected by various degrees of malnutrition- protein or otherwise. It improves microvilli regeneration and promotes better absorption.
  • UNILIV combats the toxicity of the other drugs particularly antibiotics and anticancer drugs. It helps maintain uninterrupted cystostatic therapy.

Ingredients:- A proprietary blend of punarva, gulab, kasni, huduchi, moolibej, biranjasef, moleve, haritici, bharingraj, arjun, amla, sonth, kutri, processed with in videng, chitrakmool, jhan, daruhaldi.


  Drops Syrup Tablets Capsules
Infants 5 to 10 thrice a day - - 1 caps thrice a day
Children 10-20 thrice a day 2.5 ml thrice a day 1-2 thrice a day  
Adults - 2 teaspoonful thrice a day 2 tab thrice a day  

 Presentation:- Pet bottle of 60ml, 100ml & 200ml.

sealed pack of 100 coated tablets.


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